How To Set Up a Website and Make Money?

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Millions of people own websites, but not all of them are making money to their sites’ full potential. No matter you created it after paying some amount or made it for free, you can easily use the website as your source of passive as well as active income.

Besides, having a business site is an absolute necessity in today’s world, no matter you are running a big business or working on a minimal level. The website of your business is like your business card in the world of e-commerce.

Today a common perception among consumers is that if they can’t find enough information and traces of a business/product/service online, it’s a potential scam.

Making a site and starting to make money isn’t a challenging thing to do. Here is the way to make it and the next section covering about money-making through your website.

Setting up a website

Following these simple steps, you can create your website.

1. Register your domain name

The domain name is the identity of the website. It is the brand name or URL from which the website is recognized. This step seems simple, but it is important. Before choosing the name, think about several names so you can have the best one at the end.

The domain name should be simple and relevant to your product/service. Websites with complex domain names have less probability of being found by customers on search engines.

While registering a domain name, you will come across several extensions but stick to .com one. It is most popular among customers and can be found easily.

On average, a domain name costs around 15 USD per year. There are numerous domain registers available online. These accredited registers register domains, renew existing domains, make changes in existing domains, and give all other services related to the domains.

Go for popular ones such as GoDaddy, Shopify, NameCheap, DreamHost, BlueHost, BuyDomains, et cetera. They have more variety of plans available, and their services are reliable.

Sign-up on any of the domain registrar and select a plan as per requirement. After getting the plan, if you already have the name of the domain in your mind, then search it to look if it is available or not. If available, good. If not, try some alternate name but strictly stick to the names relevant to your business.

2. Finding the web host

Web hosting companies are companies that power the website, allow blogging and sharing. These companies provide all the sources required to put a website on the internet. The most famous web hosting company is WordPress.

In case you couldn’t find the domain name, webs hosting companies can help you purchase one. One usually has to pay monthly to these companies. Fees depend upon the size of the website.

While choosing their plans, prefer plans which come with continuous maintenance.

3. Design/create content for the website

After connecting the domain with a web hosting site, a website is provided to you, ready for posting. This website comes with the default or generic theme chosen by the web host. To give a more professional look, you can customize or change the theme. Add sections and pages which your targeted customers are looking for.

It is recommended to get the help of professionals to design pages. It is a one-time payment investment that will continuously benefit you—the more appealing a website, the more traffic and more revenues, respectively.

4. Website configuration

Configuring a website is important because it will help you provide the best experience to your website visitors. Pay importance to set-up the navigation.

5. Upload the content

After configuration, the website is all set to put up the content. If a professional design your website, he can guide you on website management and other contemporary issues. Usually, if you choose a web hosting plan with maintenance, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Try to keep your website from time to time and putting up the new stuff once in a while. The best, at least once a week.

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How to make money through a website?

Numerous ways are there to earn a good amount of money from your website, either it is a business/professional website or a blog. The best way for business blogs is to sell their products and services, but it doesn’t apply to every type. Here are the most popular money-making methods that can work for every type of website.

Affiliate marketing

It is the simplest and popular method of generating active or passive income from a website. Promote the products of others and get the commission upon each sale or lead.

Many free and paid websites connect vendors and affiliate marketers. Get in touch with vendors, endorse and promote their products on your website. Any purchase via your affiliate link will bring you a commission. Promotion can be done via pop-up ads, banners, blogs, and articles on your website.

Email marketing

Email marketing is a method that can retain customers for you in the long-term. In this method, you have to offer something to your customers in return for their e-mail addresses, i.e. free eBook or something of value which can interest a customer from your targeted customers.

You can send those people promotional emails and related stuff on these websites. It will make them visit the website more than once and more revenue and a long-term relationship with your customers.

Sponsored posting

This method usually works when you already established traffic on your website. Review the products of sponsors, and they will pay you. Many companies out there are looking for people with good traffic to promote their websites.

While doing the sponsored posting, be very careful about choosing products related to your niche, or you can lose your traffic.

affiliate marketing plan

Create and sell a digital product

This method is capable of making more than a beginner can imagine. Unlike affiliate marketing, you can instantly get the amount of sale without any cut.

Be very relevant to the theme of your website when you are making a digital product. For example, if you are running an affiliate blog, you can make an eBook about how to do successful affiliate marketing. It is better to take the help of professionals to make the product in your mind.

Also, they can make you a persuasive landing page to boost up the conversion rate. In case of a low conversion rate, all efforts and time spent on the product can go to the waste.

Paid membership

Once you have enough traffic and credibility, you can offer special services to the customers in return for a paid membership. Paid membership should have exclusive and engaging content, so they keep the monthly/yearly subscription.

Google AdSense

This medium can help you a lot to earn via your website. These are everywhere on the internet. AdSense will bring the matching ads to your site based upon your niche and traffic. The ads are created and paid for by advertisers who want to promote their products.

These are only some ways. There are many other ways from which you can make thousands of dollars from your website.