You may hear the term tough love sometimes thrown around in conversation. However, this controversial strategy can sometimes cross the line with verbal abuse. Knowing the difference can help you refrain from using verbal abuse or being the recipient in a verbally abusive situation. 
I have an extreme case of schizoaffective anxiety, and I’m preparing for major surgery. I’m getting knee replacements in both knees--one at a time. This anxiety spike about surgery is multi-faceted.
Mindfulness can be a helpful tool for coping with anxiety. It is something that I have become more familiar with and have increasingly utilized over the years as I have practiced using it.
I left the UK to undergo alcohol treatment in South Africa, so it was inevitable that this would alter my perspective somewhat. However, after spending more time in this new environment, several striking realizations about the UK's negative relationship were crystal clear. After talking to numerous people from the same country and background, there was a common thread of early exposure to alcohol having long-lasting consequences. In short, I learned that teenage drinking can lead to addiction.
My depression is a disability. In my six years as a mental health blogger, I have often encountered people who believe that depression is temporary and those who cannot overcome it quickly are weak-willed. Despite various depression awareness campaigns, I have noticed that most people still minimize the effects and consequences of depression. These folks are so close-minded that they hang on to myths and misconceptions even in the face of cold, hard facts. It can be impossible to silence such naysayers for those of us who are living with this condition. But even if we cannot silence them, we must not internalize their misconceptions about depression and realize that depression can be a disability.
One surprising part of my mental health recovery journey was experiencing heightened emotions. I had successfully dodged painful feelings for years, developing a fear of feeling. But now that I'm recovering, I've felt my emotions more deeply, in almost an overwhelming way. Fear of feeling can be difficult to navigate, but it ultimately enhances my life experiences.
Sometimes you need to surrender to yourself. I learned this recently in the most unusual way. To jump right into it: I can't orgasm. Well, that's not entirely true. I can orgasm by myself with relative ease, but I can count the number of times I've orgasmed with another person on one hand, and most of those occasions have been helped along by technology. For a long time, I figured it was just my anatomy; some bodies were built to orgasm, but mine was not. I had other things going for me—it was what it was. 
When I sit down to think about it, I often trace my anxiety back to James Parker. James Parker caused childhood trauma that left me anxious for years.
It is one thing to struggle with a gambling addiction; it is a new challenge when dealing with a loved one’s gambling addiction. As someone who has experienced gambling addiction, knowing the depths it took me to makes me worry because I understand the devastating impact it can have on every aspect of life. I also realize how hard having a loved one with a gambling addiction is.
The grieving process can be traumatic for verbal abuse victims, although the experience is unique for each person. When major life events happen, victims of verbal abuse may work through their grief differently than others. It can take more or less time to heal and move through grief than expected. It's important to recognize that there is no right way to grieve. Verbal abuse victims should seek the help and support they need while working through grief, especially if the grieving process is traumatic.

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Michaela Jarvis
Hi Nancy, thanks for sharing your story. I'm one of the current authors of the Recovering from Mental Illness blog, and I can totally relate to you. Timers were a good tool for me as well. I also can relate that I do better under work pressure, but home tasks can be a little more difficult. Nothing wrong with asking for help -- I've been there too!
Sandy G.
You two girls were dressed properly for your baptisms! Many parishes do baptisms at Easter vigil and it is a tradition for the girls being baptized to be dressed as babies to show that they are pure and innocent and worthy of entering gods kingdom.When we baptized our daughter at 16 at Easter vigil,we dressed her as a regular baby in a white,just below the knees,short sleeve baptism gown with the matching bonnet,lace socks and white booties.Under her gown,she wore a cloth diaper with babyprint rubberpants over it and a tee shirt as her top.
Well written and insightful.
Mahevash Shaikh
Thanks, Joseph. I am both sad and glad that this article resonated with you! Wishing you a relaxing weekend :)
my first day working at subway is tomorrow and i’m 15, i’m kind of nervous because I asked my manager if I could wear long sleeve under my work shirt (just a subway t shirt) and she said I could I would just have to roll it up. I have a lot of sh scars all over my arm and it’s definitely extremely noticeable, and they’re kinda dark and big and puffy so makeup doesn’t really cover them. I honestly don’t know what to do because I seriously can’t show them i’m definitely not ready for that. I’m still getting used to showing them around my own house so I know I won’t be able to handle it at a workplace in public yet, and my anxiety would be through the roof. I can’t wear bracelets or anything to cover them either because it’s not allowed. So yeah i’m really scared and idk I kind of want to cry right now cause my life is so stressful and this is making it worse. Besides that first day of work ever tomorrow yayyy?!