Best Adult ADHD Apps for Helping Yourself

The best adult ADHD apps for helping yourself are those that target your own difficulties. These 5 are among the best ADHD apps for various issues.

Adult ADHD apps can be a great asset for people living with this disorder. Phones are devices people are likely to have with them, at least most of the time. The best apps are designed with the symptoms of ADHD in mind and thus are user-friendly plus target those things that make life difficult. They’re also discreet. No one knows how you’re using your phone unless you tell them. Quality ADHD apps help you help yourself manage your life with ADHD.

Helping Yourself with the Best ADHD Apps

The best ADHD apps are those that help you with your unique challenges. When looking at apps, think of your own needs. Do you need help increasing your ability to focus? Do you need help with time management strategies due to your ADHD? Before choosing an app or apps, make a list of the greatest challenges ADHD is causing. Different apps target different areas, so knowing yourself and your needs will help you pick the best adult ADHD app for you.

To help you with your app-choosing process, here are five of the best adult ADHD apps available as of 2017. Some have been around for quite a while and have a lot of downloads. Others are newer and thus have less of a reach. All are ADHD-friendly and target areas of difficulty. They are listed in no particular order of importance.

  1. Todolist: To-Do List, Task List by Doist. This ADHD productivity app helps keep you organized and on top of all that you have to do. You can add all of your tasks and projects anywhere, any time to avoid a mess of sticky notes and random pieces of paper filled with scribbled memos. You can customize your information with colors, labels, and filters, which is very useful for organizing with ADHD.
  2. ADHD Adults by Labs Health Company. This somewhat clinical app helps you monitor your ADHD symptoms and stay on top of ADHD treatment. You can schedule and track medication, and it helps you stay organized by scheduling appointments, events, and to-do lists. It even lets you schedule movement so you don’t forget to exercise. Self-assessment questionnaires allow you to monitor improvements, setbacks, and more improvements.
  3. Good Job. (ADHD Assistant) by Cloud Works Industries. This is among the simplest of ADHD time management apps, easy enough for kids but not made specifically for kids. This helps adults with ADHD effectively deal with daily routines. You create your lists and check items off as you go. Motivational posters keep you inspired.
  4. The Distractinator by Healthy Minds Canada. This app is a game to help you focus. It’s quick, easy, and fun. It’s a game that trains the ADHD brain to focus on what’s important by asking you to find a shape while visual and audio distractions vie for your attention. It isn’t long and involved, and when played daily (once or many times), it does improve focus and attention.
  5. Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks by HabitRPG, Inc. Making things fun is a great way to organize, be productive, and manage your time. Doing things in a fun way makes it easier for the ADHD brain to focus. Habitica lets you input your habits, daily goals, and to-do lists. As you check off tasks, you level up and unlock creatures used in the game. You also unlock real-world success.

These five apps are among the best adult ADHD apps for helping yourself. As you choose apps, honor yourself. Finding an app that suits your personality will encourage you to use it and grow from it.

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Last Updated: January 2, 2022

Medically reviewed by Harry Croft, MD

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