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Love is like life itself. Ideally, it is passed down through the generations.

You must absorb enough love before you can give it to others.

Once you've absorbed enough love, there's a natural urge for it to "overflow."

Loving someone is not natural or automatic. It requires the decision to love.

Love is not a need. (But it's one of the strongest "wants" we will ever have.)

If you don't love yourself, you don't love. (No matter how many apparently loving things you do....)

Self-love is always the strongest.

We never take mistreatment from someone "because we love them."
We take mistreatment from someone because we agree with them that we are unlovable.

Loving someone does not mean that we love everything they do.

Loving ourselves does not mean that we love everything we do!

Love cannot be earned.

No one "deserves" to be loved! Love is too wonderful for any of us to have a "right" to it!

Love is not need. Need is not love. (Sometimes need even kills love...)

Love is not passion. Passion is not love. (But they sure work well together!)

Romantic love is somewhat overvalued. The love of strangers is greatly undervalued.

When you decide to love someone you are setting yourself up to eventually love everyone else.

Love is not something with "quantity." You can't use it up! If you give it to one person you are not "robbing" any other person of it! (Time and energy, on the other hand, are quantities that can be used up.)


Love and hate are not opposites. They coexist in all relationships.

Never set up tests of someone's love for you. It's very hard to kill love, but "testing" it can do the job very quickly!

Getting love is seldom more than a matter of:
1) Finding someone who can love,
2) Asking for their love,
3) Then receiving it without imagining that strings are attached.

For people who have not yet learned to love themselves, absorbing love is the hardest, and most necessary, thing they can do.

Loving is a little bit scary. After all, it might get thrown back in your face. But loving no one is the scariest of all. It leads to isolation, desperation and other horrors.

There is nothing more wonderful for a loving person than to see someone absorb their love.

Don't impugn the motives of someone who loves you, and don't be surprised when you find that they want something from you. Everyone who loves you is selfish. So is everyone who doesn't! So is everyone.

It's not complicated to find out if someone loves you. Just look into their eyes as they are looking at you and believe what you see!

Our partners need to love us AND treat us well!

Love does not conquer all! (Damn it!)

Love is not joy, but it sure brings a lot of it around!

I can't explain why we humans have been given the ability to love but I intend to spend my whole life taking full advantage of it. I want to take it when it's there and move on when it's not. I want to give it when I have it, and continue to marvel as I watch it multiply.

Love is about inclusion.

Self-love is taking our place in the universe.

Loving others is giving them a place within ourselves.

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