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As an educator, Kenneth Strong is noted for his ability to turn the complex into clear, concise and interesting information. He also has the almost uncanny ability to asses accurately if a project will meet the intended goals. Throughout his teaching career both governments and large industries frequently consulted him for help in developing materials. Ken had panic attacks and agoraphobia for awhile. Upon his recovery he turned his attention to helping those with them. In 1995 he began searching the net for caregiver information; finding none he used the resources of the NET to contact hundreds of those with the disorder as well as their support people. Using constant feedback from these people Ken developed these pages for the internet and continues to update them. As an author with several titles to his name it is not surprising he was asked to publish additional information for caregivers. Again using various formats and feedback a book was developed in the format which most said was well received. Ken has turned down offers from large publishers to do larger texts as he does feel the information will serve its purpose. "The larger books," he says, "will not be well received by caregivers. That is, they won't read them." We are sure you will find this material understandable and useful just as have the hundreds of thousands of other who previously visited his site.

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