14 Natural Anxiety Remedies That Work

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Natural anxiety remedies appeal to some people because they offer treatment that helps you to get rid of anxiety without medication. In general, natural remedies for anxiety don’t have the risk of harmful side effects and possible dependence or addiction that is frequently associated with prescription medications.

Natural remedies can offer effective, long-lasting anxiety relief without the negative consequences associated with traditional prescription medication. This article explores 14 approaches that work. However, it is important to note that every person is different, and everyone’s experience with anxiety is unique. Some people need medication, while others don’t tolerate it at all. In considering any anxiety remedy or treatment, it is important to consult with a doctor, naturopath, therapist, or even all three.

What are Natural Anxiety Remedies?

Anxiety remedies that are considered natural are those that don’t involve taking medication. Of course, someone can take medication and use natural anxiety remedies—it’s just that the medication component isn’t counted among the natural approaches.

Natural treatment is a very broad category and includes such general healing practices as nutrition, lifestyle, and mind-body techniques. The goal of any such remedy, whether it’s taking an anti-anxiety supplement or a brisk walk around the block, is to help people naturally reclaim their lives from anxiety in a way that is effective, safe, and healthy.

The focus on natural treatments for anxiety goes beyond eradicating anxiety. Instead, the intent is to treat the whole person—body, brain, mind, spirit, emotions—to allow for total wellness, not merely the absence of illness. Many different options exist for achieving this healthy, balanced, anxiety-free life.

14 Natural Remedies for Anxiety that Work

The following list is a glance at several natural approaches that have been shown to reduce anxiety.

  • Keep a journal to track mood and food to discover what drinks and foods help your anxiety.
  • Be intentional about eating habits to maximize nutrition.
  • Keep healthy snacks accessible (nuts, whole-grain crackers, cheese, etc.) to maintain a consistent energy level.
  • Take nutritional supplements to complete what your diet might lack.
  • Use herbal remedies to reduce anxiety and increase wellness.
  • Reduce or eliminate caffeine intake.
  • Practice deep breathing exercises.
  • Meditate.
  • Use aromatherapy to affect food. Lavender and chamomile, for example, are calming.
  • Exercise.
  • Yoga or yoga meditation.
  • Engage in positive self-talk.
  • Get up and move frequently, for a few minutes at a time.
  • Intentionally create a life purpose. You know you don’t want anxiety, but the most important question is what do you want?

Natural remedies for anxiety work. The 14 mentioned here have all been used by countless individuals to successfully reduce anxiety. Find what treatments fit you, and use them to live well without anxiety.

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